TabbedComponent lookandfeel change doesnt seem to call lookAndFeelChange() to hidden tabs children


TabbedComponent::lookAndFeelChanged() function is sending lookAndFeelChanged to all its tabContentComponents… In case where my content component didn’t override lookandfeelchanged() , i expect it should still sendLookAndFeel change to its children as Component::sendlookAndFeelChange() does…

As TabbedComponent::lookAndFeelChanged() is calling lookAndFeelChanged () on its tab content components, it doesn’t call for all the components it has…
Component::sendLookAndFeelChange() is calling lookandfeelchanged() for all the children, so tabbedcomponent’s current tab’s children gets lookandfeelchanged() …

void TabbedComponent::lookAndFeelChanged()
    for (auto& c : contentComponents)
        if (auto comp = c.get())
          comp->lookAndFeelChanged(); //breakpoint here

Did you add a breakpoint here and step through to see which components are getting that function called on them?


Yeah… It comes to the component i added to Tabbedcomponent using addTab… But it doesnt go to all the child components of tabs which are not active…