TabbedComponent - text orientation

JUCE 1.14

Is it possible to arrange the tabs at left with horizontal text with TabbedComponent ( like OST’s PluginConsultant )? Or so I have to hack the source to get access to the TabbedButtonBar?

I can only seem to get vertical text.

cheers, Colin

You can override the LookAndFeel class to draw the text however you like. You’d need to override a few methods though, including the ones that measure the size of the tab.

Thanks. You wouldn’t recommend going back to 1.8 then? :twisted:
This LookAndFeel has me a bit stumped for the moment. I’ll live with the vertical text 'till I have more time to play.

Maybe I’ve had too little sleep, but another problem I have is this:

SSMainWindow::SSMainWindow() : DialogWindow( T( "The Window" ), kBackgroundColour )
  setLookAndFeel( & myLookAndFeel );

  SSContentPane * pane = new SSContentPane();
  setContentComponent( pane );
  centreWithSize( 800, 600 );
  setResizeable( true ); //compiler bombs on this
  setVisible( true );

I see setResizeable() declared public in ResizeableWindow and lots of code quoted in this forum uses it on a DialogWindow, but my compiler (MinGW) reports it as ‘undeclared’.

Am I missing something stupid?

cheers, Colin

:mrgreen: call it in the base class Doh!

I am now trying to build Plugin Consultant with 1.14 and was :shock: to see that the TabbedComponent changed so I need to redesign my GUI. What I will do for now is include 1.8 version of TabbedComponent into my project until I have motivation to change my GUI anyway.

The good news is that I build it to prepare for creating a Mac version once I get my PowerBook G4 tommorow :smiley: I never used a Mac so lets see how much time it will take me to port it