TableListBox problem

I want my own TableListBox inherited class to warn the user as soon as he changes the columns order in the Header by dragging. I have big trouble doing this because the sorting is called as soon as the table is dragged, and not when the mouse button is released.
How can I achieve that the sorting is only done after the mouse button has been released after dragging the TableHeader columns (without modifying JUCE ofcourse) ?

Maybe attach a mouselistener to the top-level component to catch the events, and show the message on a mouse-up?

An even better way would maybe be to add “Sort” as menu option to the PopUp-Menu of the TableHeaderComponent of the TableListBox.
But how do I pass my own TableHeaderComponent to the TableListBox? I can’t find any function to do so.

Yes, that’s hard-coded at the moment… I suppose I should put in some kind of method to let you set a custom header.

That would be great!