Targets with DLL Runtime

Hi Jules,

Would it be possible to add static version of juce which uses the DLL version of the runtime library and the according flags for the AUTOLINKEDLIB ?


I don’t want to support loads of different builds like that, but it’s easy enough to tweak your source tree to build in that way, isn’t it?

Well in fact I need both.
I try to use the static one when possible and in my case it’s always
except for a Protools plugin(what a pain) where dynamic is required.

I try not to have a custom juce version, that’s why I asked.


What would be the difference of you downloading it versus editing it yourself (makefile, I assume?)? Either way, your going to have a custom build.

Best of luck!

I use VisualC++ 2005, so that’s vcproj not makefile.
The problem in that case is that vcproj duplicates each file in the vcproj for each target and I don’t know what the merge would be like if I update after Jules would add a file.

I still find strange that you don’t need to use a DLL version of the runtime library to build RTAS plugin with the juce wrapper, but maybe juce doesn t use STL at all internaly. (In my case I had troubles with duplicates STL template symbol).

Moreover, I am not alone on my project, so I try to avoid having local modification on non internal projects.

Well, to every his own.

Hopefully Jules can help you out here…

FlyingIsFun1217 :slight_smile: