te::InputDeviceInstance::removeTargetTrack and setTargetTrack messing up the undo queue

Hey there

I found that some pesky and irritating undoBehaviour weirdness was coming from the fact that setting and removing targets to InputDeviceInstances are adding to the undo queue of the edit.

I’ve temporarily worked around it by making my own copies of those functions and using those, however it occurred to me that maybe other people might have seen similar undo queue weirdness. With this in mind would it favourable to have this?:

void InputDeviceInstance::setTargetTrack (AudioTrack& track, int index, bool moveToTrack, bool noUndo)


void InputDeviceInstance::removeTargetTrack (AudioTrack& track, bool noUndo)

where noUndo is set to false as default in the header (aka default is the same). However noUndo = true would pass nullptr instead of &edit->getUndoManager() inside the functions.

I know this would help me. Would it be helpful to others?