Text box for passwords


Hello ,

do we have any text box for passwords, when user types his/her passwords the box will show just starts?



You mean “stars”, I guess?.. If so, yes - there’s a TextBox method to set a password character that it’ll display. Can’t remember the method name offhand, but should be very easy to find.


I don’t think you should be able to cut/copy out off a password box.

< if (selection.isNotEmpty())

if (selection.isNotEmpty() && passwordCharacter == 0)

< m.addItem (1, TRANS(“cut”), writable);
< m.addItem (2, TRANS(“copy”), selectionStart < selectionEnd);

        m.addItem (1, TRANS("cut"), writable && passwordCharacter == 0);
        m.addItem (2, TRANS("copy"), selectionStart < selectionEnd && passwordCharacter == 0);[/code]


Ah yes. I think there’s some logic elsewhere that stops it actually performing the copy, but yes, those options shouldn’t be on the menu!