Text editor forus on enter/escape

Hello all,

Is there a nice way for a text editor to LOSE the focus when hitting enter/escape? I would like that little square to go away.

I know I can focus another component, but I want to just LOSE focus, not gain focus elsewhere.

 - bram

TextEditor::Listener provides methods to check for this particular situations... And there are the virtual TextEditor::returnPressed and TextEditor::escapePressed methods.

Though maybe somebody else can provide a way to forcibly make a component lose focus, or you can mess with making the caret visible.

I know of the listener methods and I have seen that passing the focus to something else does work to remove the focus. I'm just wondering if there is a way to forcibly REMOVE the focus from a component.

 - bram

No - something has to have the focus. Probably the easiest way to give it away would just be to focus on the parent component.


I've added a static method Component::unfocusAllComponents() now - it's very simple but I haven't tested it, so give it a whirl!

Thanks Jules!

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