Text justification for rotary sliders?

Probably a very dodgy newbie question here, but is there a straightforward way to alter the justification of the label associated with a rotary slider? I’d like to use a centred label below a rotary slider, but the behaviour in Slider::lookAndFeelChanged seems to suggest that the text is always left-justified unless the slider is a LinearBar?

I’m also inferring (perhaps incorrectly) that since lookAndFeelChanged isn’t virtual, then it’s not to be overridden.

Any thoughts welcomed.



Damn - someone always seems to want to do the one thing I couldn’t be bothered implementing!

What I should have done was to put the code that creates the new Label object into the LookAndFeel class, so you can make a custom look and feel that creates a label in any style you want. I’ll guess I’ll do that…

Sorry 'bout that Jules! Don’t sweat it though if it’s a PITA. I’ll just use a text label on the right for now.