TextEditor bold/italic glyph // fallback font support on macOS

Hi guys,

we’re trying to use a JUCE TextEditor with Japanese and Chinese glyphs while also using italic and bold text formatting. It turns out the font we’re using (Arial Unicode MS) doesn’t have bold and italic typefaces. Italic is apparently hacked by JUCE’s font drawing using a transform but bold does not work that way.

I tried to find other fonts I could use that support both Chinese/Japanese glyphs and also bold but couldn’t find any. Is there an easy way to use the default system font which apparently does support a wide range of characters and also bold?

Ideally there would be a way to replace glyphs not supported in a font supporting different typefaces (e.g. Arial or Helvetica) and it looks like there’s a fallback mechanism within juce::Font.
However, this does not seem to be implemented on macOS.

Any help how to solve this would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Yep, just font rendering has some limitations.
the moment you need anything beyond roman/latin characters (unicode, fallback glyphs, emojis, proper-RTL). you are in a dead-zone.

This issue will worsen if you’re targeting also Android and other platforms.
If it’s a plug-in and the text area scope is very clear. you’d might be better off implementing a ‘native’ (macOS/Windows) components for the actual text handling.

Here are some threads about related issues:

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Thanks for your reply!
Well that’s really unfortunate…
Our app is a Desktop app and working with text is an essential part of it.
So that really is a problem for us.

It looks like we can’t expect a fix anytime soon so we’ll need to come up with a somewhat hacky solution it seems.