TextEditor should support international characters via fallback fonts

TextEditor must properly support fallback fonts to allow JUCE applications and plugins to function properly for users whose alphabets and filenames include characters outside the latin alphabet.

Note that using Arial Unicode is not a long term solution, aside from the UI design limitation this imposes :-

Arial Unicode MS was originally commissioned by Microsoft Office as an extended version of the Arial typeface to support a large set of international characters. The font was included with Office but not Windows. Over time the Unicode standard grew to the point where it was not possible to include all encoded characters in a single font file, so today most applications rely on font linking or font fallback to provide appropriate language support when a selected font doesn’t include the characters you need. We stopped servicing and updating Arial Unicode and no longer install it as part of Office. However, updated versions of the font are available from Monotype.

It’s such a basic feature but never worked…

I know, it’s almost the difference between works for 20% of the worlds population or doesn’t :slight_smile: