TextEditor colour changes affects Opacity



in juce_TextEditor.cpp there’s the following line (setOpaque):

void TextEditor::colourChanged() { setOpaque (findColour (backgroundColourId).isOpaque()); repaint(); }

What if I have other colours (outlineColourId, focusedOutlineColourId, etc…) which are transparent but the background colour itself is solid?
In that case, if I don’t specifically set the opacity to false, changing the background colour afterwards to something solid will reset the opacity to true, resulting in a weird TextEditor…

Currently I commented this line out…
Is there a way to overcome this issue instead of setting opacity to false after each background change?



I don’t understand the problem… If the background colour is fully opaque, then the component should be marked as opaque. Why would any of the other colours make any difference?

Background colour of TextEditor affects its opacity