TextEditor justification and textToShowWhenEmpty

at the moment the following is used for the “textToShowWhenEmpty”:

        if (isMultiLine())
            g.drawText (textToShowWhenEmpty, getLocalBounds(),
                        Justification::centred, true);
            g.drawText (textToShowWhenEmpty,
                        leftIndent, 0, viewport->getWidth() - leftIndent, getHeight(),
                        Justification::centredLeft, true);

Perhaps the TextEditor Justification should be applied here when not in the multiline case?
It’s weird to have a single line textEditor with centred text but with the textToShowWhenEmpty on the left, not sure anyone would want that?

I was planning to override paintOverChildren() to draw that text centered as I want, but textToShowWhenEmpty is private.

If you’re not sure about the justification thing above, could we eventually have getTextToShowWhenEmpty() method to make things easier?

I’d rather not modify the behaviour of the text justification but I’ve added a getTextToShowWhenEmpty() method here: