TextEditor::Listener from Slider?

I want to get the textEditorFocusLost event from the Slider's TextEditor. I'm not sure how best to go about it. I have added the TextEditor::Listener to my component and added the virtual functions, but its not triggering the textEditorFocusLost function. 

Is there a way to accomplish this using the JUCE Slider or do I need to create a subclass?


Wouldn't it make more sense to use the sliderDragEnded callback, which should be called when the text has been changed and the box is dismissed?


Thanks, that takes me part of the way there - what I want is a callback that is triggered when the TextEditor loses focus and turns back into a Label. 

I need this so that I can hide my custom virtual keyboard when the user clicks or presses outside the Slider's TextEditor.

OK, realised where I was going wrong, I've modified the showKeyboard method in the Java Activity - made some adjustments there and now works as expected. 

If you're doing a virtual keyboard, the correct approach would be to not make any changes to the label, but to deal with TextInputTargets directly. There's a method ComponentPeer::findCurrentTextInputTarget() which you could call when the focus changes (use the Desktop class to create a global focus watcher), and then show your keyboard when an input target is active.

Great info thanks Jules, that will help me if I decide to go with a native virtual keyboard.