The Projucer interface is way too small

Hi. I am trying to build a DJ Application on JUCE via VS Code but the Projucer GUI is way too small.

I can’t even resize it because increasing the window dimensions does not increase the size of the widgets or the fonts.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04

Do you have a scale factor set for the display? JUCE will attempt to read the value of user-interace/scale-factor using dconf, then the scaling-factor from gsettings and will fall back to just using the monitor DPI if neither of this are available.

You can step through the getDisplayScale() method here to see what those values are for your system.

I’m using JUCE for the first time and that is for a school module. So you’re gonna have to break it down for me, mate.

Sure, basically JUCE will query the system scaling factor which has been set by either manually editing those files, or via the Displays settings on Ubuntu. Do you have a monitor scale factor set in Settings->Screen Display->Scale? Do other applications scale correctly?

Scale is at 200%. Every other application scales great.

You are referring to the Projucer – which is a tool to generate a JUCE project in you post but showing a seemingly unrelated screenshot of your own app with it. So is your question really about the Projucer UI scaling or the scaling of the JUCE-based DJ application you are about to create?

Both. Any GUI element launched by JUCE has this problem.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve pushed a change which should give JUCE a better chance of detecting the correct scale factor on Linux. In order for the Projucer and other apps to render with the correct scale factor, you’ll need to download the most recent copy of JUCE’s develop branch, and use it to build the Projucer and your own projects.

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How can I apply these changes to my JUCE? I downloaded the Linux zip file from the JUCE download page.

You should download the development branch from the github repo instead. This version doesn’t come with a pre-built Projucer, so you’ll need to build it manually after downloading. You can build the Projucer like any other JUCE project: navigate to extras/Projucer/Builds/LinuxMakefile and run make -j.

Thanks for the help but I’m new to JUCE and I’m only using it for a course and at the moment, I don’t have a lot of time to try to figure this out. I did what you asked me but now I can’t find Projucer. Not to come off as a dick but I also don’t get why you would only fix this bug in your github repo but not also the download file.

This is because you don’t yet know about software lifecycles and what’s involved in making a “release” version compared to just pushing to the “develop” branch of the repo.

Short answer: it’s a lot of work.

After building, the Projucer will be located in extras/Projucer/Builds/LinuxMakefile/build. After running make -j you can run ./build/Projucer to start the Projucer.

Creating a new release is quite an involved process, so it’s not practical for us to create a new release for every bugfix or minor feature.