The use of PropertiesFile

Hi all

I am a bit confused about the use of PropertiesFile in compination with the use of ApplicationPropetries class.
As I saw, the ApplicationProperties class maintains two similar property files, one for common properties and a second one for user properties.
Anyway all I need to do is to create and handle a simple config file for my app, stored in a folder which is common for all users.

So far I have understood that I can use a PropertiesFile class without compined it with ApplicationProperties mechanism, so I can create any properties file in any place, keeping up the same time all the functionality of auto save etc.

Is that a proper use of properties file or something is missing to me ?

Thanks in advance


Ok, It’s too much the use of PropertiesFile to manage application’s general configuration.

There is no need to attempt to save it every some millisecs, while the main scope of PropetrisFile is to handle the frequent changes of application operation parameters.

I thing I am right. . .