Think I found a bug in TreeViewItem::updatePositions

I noticed that the horizontal scroll bar in my treeView didn’t seem to be reflecting the width of my open items properly. I’m using a custom component for my TreeViewItem, but I think this would still be a bug even if I wasn’t. It has to do with the way the indentation is calculated.

Here’s how I fixed it in the TreeViewItem::updatePositions function (please forgive that I’m transcribing it by hand cuz my source is on a different machine):

if (isOpen()) {
  //const int ourIndent = getIndentX(); // removed by me
  newY += totalHeight;

  totalWidth += getIndentX(); // added by me

  for (int i=0; i<subItems.size(); ++i) {
    TreeViewItem *const ti = subItems.getUnchecked(i);

    newY += ti->totalHeight;
    totalHeight += ti->totalHeight;
    //totalWidth = jmax(totalWidth, ti->totalWidth + ourIndent); // removed by me
    totalWidth = jmax(totalWidth, ti->totalWidth); // added by me

Thanks - there’s certainly something a little askew in that method. Your fix looks good to me, and I’ve got some other treeview tweaks to make today, so I’ll try to get it all sorted out…