what is the best way to implement a thread to play a midi sequence ?
i explain my question :
i have done a basic juce application with a top component
in this component i create a juce thread to play the midi sequence
it works but the problem is when there is a lot of graphic work on the top component my midisequence stops few milliseconds
i tried to change the thread priority but it didn’t change a lot the performance
maybe there is a best way to implement my thread ?

If you crank up the thread priority to about 8 it should be fine - that’s all I did in tracktion and it works well. Maybe it’s something else interrupting the playback, like a critical section?

One other thing you might want to look at is Process::setPriority() - setting this to high makes the whole app run more steadily.

yes i think it’s a computer problem

this computer is windows 2000 sp4 P4 2Ghz
with a thread priority > 7 my computer locks
with a process with HighPriority my computer become very slow
with a process with RealtimePriority my computer locks

on my top component i have a TabbedComponent and a lot of Sliders
in release mode when i select a tab the midisequence stops during 100ms

i tried my application with another computer with windows xp and on this one the midisequence is really perfect

Check your algorithm though, because it should still run ok on that machine. If you’re using high-priority threads you have to be very careful to allow it to sleep occasionally and avoid spinning the cpu for too long.

bravo ! you are right !
to use high priority settings the algo needed some sleep :smiley:
it works perfect now

thanks for your help !