ThreadWithProgressWindow triggering system beep

When I launch a ThreadWithProgressWindow from a modal DocumentWindow, after the thread finshes it triggers the system beep sound(The same sound as when you try to click another window from a modal state) . The beep only happens if I launch ThreadWithProgressWindow from a modal window . If I launch ThreadWithProgressWindow from my main window it does not cause the beep. Aside from the beep everthing seems to be working. I am mac os 10.10.5 Thanks for your help.  

I think you'd need to catch it in the debugger and see what's triggering the beep. Certainly if used normally, it won't cause a beep. Probably something to do with you using a modal window...

Here is the callstack I get when the beep is triggered.

The last call in in ThreadWithProgress window is here -


I updated  JUCE ran this on mac os 10.11 and this does not happen anymore,  so maybe it was an osx bug?

Could be. If you have further problems with it, best thing would be to give us some sample code to try ourselves. Very hard to debug event-loop things from people's descriptions.