Thumb graphic wider than the slider's bounds

Hi , I have a vector thumb graphic that is quite wide and when I draw it in my own look and feel drawLinearSlider code it gets cllipped because it goes outside the slider’s bounds.

Q. Is there a proper way to make the track shorter either side to accomodate the larger thumb graphic?

OK it looks like I have to overide getSliderLayout
The problem for me is that it only exists in LookAndFeel_V2. I’ve inherited LookAndFeel_V4 which doesn’t override that function. How do I do it from V4 please?
Thanks, I’m, a bit rusty on multi-inheritance stuff.

Ok that was odd, it seems I was setting this->lookandfeel to early in the mainComponent contructor. So the getSliderThumbRadius() was seeing the wrong one. Bizarre!