Time::formatted() returning offset by one month?

This seems like it must be something at my end as I’m sure it’d have been noticed before:

an example:

Time t(2006, 11, 1, 0, 0);
String st = t.formatted(T("%Y%m%d"));

returns an st of 20070101

a trace disappears off into untraceable methods, but it looks like things are going wrong beyond JUCE.

This is on Windows.

What’s going on?

That’s very strange… As you say, it’s not really a juce thing, because all the numbers just get passed to the standard c library. Maybe it’s got the timezone screwed up or something and that’s throwing off the maths…?

I’m following this up, just in case anyone else experiences something similar:

I don’t currently have time to dig down to the actual culprit, but as far as I can tell, the date offset is happening only in app that also uses SQLite and DCMTK - which makes me think that it is being caused by some odd interplay of libraries or includes.

It actually seems to be confusion between zero and non-zero indexed days and months. Maybe one day if I care, I’ll try and find out why. Not a JUCE problem though, and in my case, easily solvable but just brute force building the date string.