Timeout for URL


Hello again,

Is there a way to have URL timeout at some point after a request? I am writing a program that may point to URL’s that may or may not respond, so this would be a useful feature. Right now if a URL doesn’t respond my program just waits, forever.

If there isn’t a timeout feature, can one be added? I think that in Java a timeout triggers an exception that can be caught in a try-catch statement. It would be nice to have something like that.




Good request. I think at the moment it won’t wait forever, just until the normal OS functions time-out, but you’re right, it’d be good if it was more flexible.


Is this feature already introduced?

I can’t find the way to set a timeout in a “readEntireBinaryStream” operation.



You can set a timeout when you call URL::createInputStream().



Another question… How can I make a URL request with a address too long (>1024 bytes).
As I know, in windows it’s limitated, but the same address in Firefox, Explorer, etc respond ok…

Thanks in advance!


None of my code puts a limit on length - so if the OS can’t handle it, there’s nothing I can do about that!


…damn! Sorry, it looks like my code does impose that stupid limit! No idea how that got in there, but it needs sorting out - I’ll get that done for you!


Thanks a lot, again!