Timer callbacks in modal state

I have a timer callback to dispatch messages, but when I open a dialog (runModalLoop) the callbacks stop. What can I do to keep 'em coming (need to have it in GUI thread) ?

How on earth did you manage to get them to stop? I can’t think how that’d be possible! (You are talking about juce Timers, right, and not some other kind of OS timer?)

Yep, the juce timers. Sorry, I think I messed up by calling the runModalState in the dispatch loop of my message handler, that’s why the dispatching stopped. So I need to somehow popup my dialog asynchronously… hmmm…

Well I’ve noticed that sometimes when I pop an external VST plugin UI, and operate one of the knobs (coincidentally, the plugin happened to use Juce also, as I could tell from its controls), the entire UI of my app stopped updating. I use AsyncUpdater to trigger repaints. Not sure if this is related.

Might be, I used the MessageListener construct for the asynchronous notification, works fine now