Timing issue with midi for large buffsize

From my understanding, the processBlock method deals with both audio and midi.
But what if midi needs to be delivered more often than audio ?
With big buffer size the processBlock is being called with a long delay, which can make the timing of the midi messages innacurate.

(EX :
Samplerate=44100.0 BufferSize=6912
156.7ms between each call of processBlock.
Bpm=200 means that an eighth note is about 150ms)

How to handle it ?

Many thanks

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Each midi-event has a time-stamp that refers to it’s start offset from the beginning of the audio-buffer. With your example you could realistically get a midi-event that has on offset of 6911 and thus should only be interpreted from that sample onward.

Ok ! So when we are in processBlock, the time stamp of messages in the midibuffer are meaningfull, and plugins should use them at the right place in the current buffer