Title bar doesn't visible after switch kiosk mode to normal mode

Windows 10, JUCE 5 develop.


  • Run JuceDemo
  • Click ‘Components: Tabs & Widgets’ on the left panel
  • Click menu item ‘Look-and-feel / Show full screen kiosk mode’ on the right panel
  • Click menu item ‘Look-and-feel / Use native windows title bar’
  • Where is the title bar? It’s outside the screen…

This issue also appeared in JUCE 4.3.1 (have tested in my software the other days, not JuceDemo).

JuceDemo, Windows 10, JUCE 5

Debug mode, crashed after click ‘Live constants / begin demo’.

else if (! path.containsChar (':'))
        /*  When you supply a raw string to the File object constructor, it must be an absolute path.
            If you're trying to parse a string that may be either a relative path or an absolute path,
            you MUST provide a context against which the partial path can be evaluated - you can do
            this by simply using File::getChildFile() instead of the File constructor. E.g. saying
            "File::getCurrentWorkingDirectory().getChildFile (myUnknownPath)" would return an absolute
            path if that's what was supplied, or would evaluate a partial path relative to the CWD.

        return File::getCurrentWorkingDirectory().getChildFile (path).getFullPathName();

The second of these is fixed on the develop branch.

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