Tons of compiler warnings with latest RenderingHelpers.h

The last checked in version of RenderingHelpers.h gives me an enormous pile of compiler warnings like

\jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_graphics\native\juce_renderinghelpers.h(898): warning C4482: nonstandard extension used: enum 'juce::Image::PixelFormat' used in qualified name


jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_graphics\native\juce_renderinghelpers.h(1496) : see reference to class template instantiation 'juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::ImageFill<DestPixelType,SrcPixelType,repeatPattern>' being compiled
1>          with
1>          [
1>              DestPixelType=juce::PixelAlpha,
1>              SrcPixelType=juce::PixelAlpha,
1>              repeatPattern=true
1>          ]

I'm using Visual C++ 2010. 

The list is really super long. Should I change something in my IDE settings?

I get this huge list even if I only touched my editor component cpp file.

I hope someone understands what the compiler wants to warn me about - I have no clue! ;-)


Thanks for letting me know! It was just a change that I added late last night, and hadn't tested it in VC2010.. It's nothing serious, but I'll get it sorted out in a moment!

Haha, thanks Jules! :-)