Too many arguments for function-like macro invocation 'min' in FloatVectorOperations

Due to how my project is setup, on windows I run into the error:

juce_FloatVectorOperations.h(178): warning C4002: too many arguments for function-like macro invocation 'min'
juce_FloatVectorOperations.h(178): error C2059: syntax error: '('
juce_FloatVectorOperations.h(178): error C2334: unexpected token(s) preceding ':'; skipping apparent function body

And a lot more errors following.

It looks like the macros min & max are defined at the point of processing the juce_FloatVectorOperations.h header.

This can be fixed by adding:

#ifdef min 
#undef min 

#ifdef max 
#undef max

Before the FloatVectorOperations class definition.

Because I cannot solve this issue without changing (and thus forking) JUCE itself I would kindly ask if this change can be made permanently to the JUCE codebase.

Best is to

#define NOMINMAX

include <windows.h>
in your code

That is really good advise, thanks!