Toolbar showMissingItems hits jassert

When trying to show missing toolbar items that cannot show due to the available width:


I’m hitting a jassert in juce_PopupMenu.cpp:1894 complaining about the lack of name for screen readers (accessibility).
Supplying a name at juce_Toolbar.cpp:545

m.addCustomItem (1, std::move (comp), nullptr, "missing_items");

seems to fix it…

Not looked much into accessibility yet, but should I have done something different from my end?
The toolbar component itself is named.

On the latest juce 6.1.5 develop.

Thanks for reporting. I’ve fixed the issue here:

I also noticed that the name of the disclosure button was a bit misleading when it appeared on a toolbar, so I’ve fixed that too:

Finally, I added a fix for an issue that sometimes prevented the disclosure button from showing at all: