topLevelMenuIndex different in Juce 5?

I just updated to Juce 5.0.1 and found that on Mac the contents of my application’s top level menus were shifted to the left by one menu. i.e. My file menu items were not visible and my file menu contained my edit menu items, etc.

Previously in getMenuForIndex (int topLevelMenuIndex, const String& menuName) a topLevelMenuIndex of 0 selected the file menu, 1 selected the edit menu, etc. Now I need to make 1 select the file menu, etc.

I can fix this by selecting on an index one higher than previous but it would by good to know why this is necessary. Was the base of the index intentionally changed?

No, haven’t changed anything, and haven’t seen any issues in our own apps which use top-level menus, e.g. the projucer… Are you sure it’s not something you were doing wrong in the past where you were somehow getting lucky and not seeing any symptoms?