Touch/Latch Automation not working in Logic Pro 9

Hi all,

I've been attempting to get touch/latch automation to work on my AU plug-in in Logic Pro to no avail.

I tried the JUCE demo plug-in and both the gain & delay knob exhibit the same behavior. Automation reads fine but the latch/touch/write modes don't work. I've been on several other forum posts regarding this but haven't found a solution yet.

I think I'm implementing everything correctly: In my slider callbacks I'm using setParameterNotifyingHost() & in my editor timer callback I'm using setValue(dontSendNotification) to update the GUI.

If no automation is written, the black line (showing the current parameter value) on the Logic track view still moves up and down, so Logic is definitly receiving those new values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Have you looked at beginParameterChangeGesture etc?

Ah, that would do it! Thanks Andrew!

Where do you think the best place would be to insert the two methods? I put them at the beg/end of setParameter and got a sort of infinite automation writing feedback (which looked pretty sweet in the DAW!)

Would it have to go inside some sort of mouseDown() callback function for the sliders?

You'll want to use Slider::Listener::sliderDragStarted and Slider::Listener::sliderDragEnded. Nice huh!