Traversing the forum

Since the changes today to the forum we seem to have lost the forum tree which was displayed at the top of the page… so we can’t click on General Forum (for instance) to go back to the forum section we were currently reading… we only get “Community” which takes us to the root.


^ ...I believe is what is needed!

Yep, we know - will get that sorted out asap, thanks!

As I posted at :

Is it possible to show the search result sorted ascending by the topic's Date-Created  [or Date-posted]?
In the most of cases, the recently created topics for the same theme, have the most significant interest. 

Thanks for the attention



Did you know that these navigation aids are called breadcrumbs? I really like this particular terminology.

And yeah, I miss them too here.

it's back now. We'll be bringing new options for better browsing the forum in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for the feedback!