treeState constructor


I’m afraid this is simple but I have no idea how to correct this.
I’m trying to do the whole treestate parameter thing following the tutorial, also this video tutorial.

In plugin processors .h public section I have: AudioProcessorValueTreeState treeState; then in the initialisation list I have treeState(*this, nullptr), and thats it. I get an error: no default constructor exists for class "juce::AudioProcessorValueTreeState"
treestate only has one constructor with the 2 arguments, so yeah there isn’t a default constructor…

I’ve tried starting from a blank plugin project and adding these 2 lines in the same places and it all works fine. Does anyone have any idea why I’m getting an error with this? Thanks


From the post alone it seems if you are doing everything right, but hard to say without seeing more source code. Can you post the code with a bit more context, i.e. the full constructor for example.