TreeViewItem isOver() isDown() methods for tree item components


I've treevew's, in which I create my own custom components overriding createCustomComponent().

All works fine, I tell my costom components to ignore mouse clicks, and that way I get the neat drag'n'drop functionality built in.

But now, while in the rest of the GUI, when you move the mouse over components you get nice flishy-flashy effects when the mouse moves over them (like in TextButton for example), this is not possible for the components in the tree.

Any ideas of how to get this, without copying the entire contents of the juce::TreeView code into my own class and changing it?


Well, if you didn't make your components ignore the mouse, you could still make them draggable by explicitly getting their mouseDrag method to call the DragAndDropContainer's startDragging method. 

...I wouldn't have thought of that, thanks, I'll give it a spin!