Trouble changing colors on buttons

Hi everyone,
So I have a ColourSelector that lets the user change the colors of different elements on the GUI. Everything works fine for sliders, but not for buttons for some reason. In the changeListenerCallback I can get the button text to change (I tested it just to make sure the ColourSelector and callback were working as expected), but not any of the colors. Can anyone help me out?

void SidePanelList::changeListenerCallback(ChangeBroadcaster* source)
    auto* cs = dynamic_cast<ColourSelector*> (source);
    if (cs->getName() == "slider")
        selectedSliderColor = cs->getCurrentColour();
        otherLookAndFeel.buttonBackground = cs->getCurrentColour();
        gui1->playButton.setColour(TextButton::buttonColourId, cs->getCurrentColour());
        gui1->playButton.setColour(TextButton::buttonOnColourId, cs->getCurrentColour());

In case it’s relevant, I have a custom LookAndFeel class for gui1 which I’m also calling above, to no avail. I thought that might be why I could change the button text but not the color. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?