Trouble setting up parameters in VST project

Hey everyone,

So I got a plugin project going and have all my UI components and audio processing routines setup. 

Im having trouble figuring out how to get a DAW (Im using Live) to recognize my plugin parameters. The only full tutorials I can find online are based on methods that are set to be deprecated (I understand we need to use the AudioProcessorParameter class now). Also I am looking at the examples that come with the Jucer but I can't s the m to get Live to recognize the parameters I register with the addParameter() function. 

I'm not asking for things to be spelled out completely, but I'm longing for some clear documentation on registering plugin-parameters with a host. If not just a clear starting point would suffice. Sorry if this is a really noob-ish question.

I'm with you on the same boat.

That's why I made this:

The new classes aren't really replacing the old ones but providing more high-level API (since you basically register parameters and let the ValueTree handle most of it).


Today I know there are some things that could be done more elegantly and I will update it eventually but it does show the concept well enough.