Trouble with Attack and Release Times on the Ballistics Filter

Hi everyone, I am struggling to implement the attack and release times of the ballistics filter properly. I seem not to be able to adjust the length of the onset of the attack, or the offset of the release. I am using a SmoothedValue object to do the actual DCA, and it seems that the DCA only attacks and releases at the time length I give the SmoothedValue object in prepareToPlay. Compressors like a FabFilter’s Pro-C 2 seem to have the ability to change this onset and offset of compression, as observed in DDMF’s PluginDoctor. They are also able to do so independently.

Is there something I’m doing wrong with my use of the ballistics filter? All I am doing in the code is taking the raw parameter value from the Audio Processor Value Tree State and passing the value to the attack and release functions of the ballistics filter.

This leads me to wonder if there’s something else I can do with the SmoothedValue object to make the attack and release parameters in my GUI Control the way the object adjusts gain.

Thanks for your help!