Trying to set look and feel on slider tooltip windows

I’m trying to set the look and feel of the tool tip window on a slider by overriding the drawTooltip function but it doesn’t appear to be working for me. I’m problem missing something silly but what?

My look and feel class:

class TestLAF : public LookAndFeel_V2
    TestLAF() {}
    ~TestLAF() {}

    void drawTooltip(Graphics&g, const String& text, int width, int height) override
        //Just making the window bright magenta for now

Setting my look and feel class in the juce demo which I’ve edited to add example tooltips to all sliders:

    TestLAF* tlaf = new TestLAF();
    addLookAndFeel(tlaf, "Test Look and Feel");

The result is still the default tooltip look



Thank you for your reply, it looks like the juce demo is already using setLookAndFeel however. These are called when I select my look and feel class from the list

void setAllLookAndFeels (LookAndFeel* laf)
    for (int i = 0; i < demoComp.getNumChildComponents(); ++i)
        if (Component* c = demoComp.getChildComponent (i))
            c->setLookAndFeel (laf);

void comboBoxChanged (ComboBox* comboBoxThatHasChanged) override
    if (comboBoxThatHasChanged == &lafBox)
        setAllLookAndFeels (lookAndFeels[lafBox.getSelectedItemIndex()]);

I’d look at the scope and lifetime of

TestLAF* talk