Turn on and turn off Edits

In waveform I notice that passing from an edit to another, only one Edit at time can be active and the others stop to stress cpu. I noticed also that I can go from really heavy edit to another very quickly (without wait new edit loads).
In my App I’d like to have arrays containing some edits that works simultaneously, while edits containing in other arrays are not active, for example:

array1{edit1, edit2, edit3}
array3{edit5, edit6, edit7, edit8}

when array1 is active edit1, edit2 and edit3 works simultaneously and edit4, edit5, edit6, edit7, edit8 don’t work and don’t stress cpu

when array2 is active edit4 works and edit1, edit2, edit3, edit5, edit6, edit7, edit8 don’t work and don’t stress cpu

when array3 is active edit5, edit6, edit7 and edit8 work simultaneously and edit1, edit2, edit3 and edit4 don’t work and don’t stress cpu

I immagine I should add edits to ActiveEdits and remove from it, but I don’t understand how to achieve this aim and if it’s the right way to achieve it

No, we just call TransportControl::freePlaybackContext(); on all the Edit’s we don’t want playing and then TransportControl::ensureContextAllocated (false) on the one we do want playing when the tab changes.

Don’t mess with ActiveEdits as it’s a list of loaded Edits.

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Really thank you Dave, so doing this should be the right solution also for my purpose?

for edits I don’t want to work I call TransportControl::freePlaybackContext(); and for those I want to work TransportControl::ensureContextAllocated (false) ?