UI Jitter


I have client/server-like acommunication between UI and plugin.

UI sends direct calls to the plugin while the plugin sends async messages to the UI.

It works well, but If I drag a slider then I have some position jittering because of the returned value and the sliders mouse position.

what would be the good solution to this?

  • have a flag that forbid the slider value from being set while it’s being dragged?
  • ???

any suggestion?

I’ve never seen any jitter when I’ve used that type of set-up, but yes, I guess just not updating the slider pos while it’s being dragged would sort it out.

It only happens if I drag the slider for a long time, and it tends to be for noticeable on Mac (maybe there’s some interaction with the refresh rate).
I guess changing the sensitivity might help. I’ll try that.

thanks for the quick response Jule.

merry xmas to all.