Unable to open Alert Window Dialog using this code?

I want to display an Dialog that use the Native View. I referred juce demo and get the code from that. But unable to view this while on click

AlertWindow w (“AlertWindow demo…”,
“This AlertWindow has a couple of extra components added to show how to add drop-down lists and text entry boxes.”,

        w.addTextEditor ("text", "enter some text here", "text field:");
        w.addButton ("OK",     1, KeyPress (KeyPress::returnKey, 0, 0));
        w.addButton ("Cancel", 0, KeyPress (KeyPress::escapeKey, 0, 0));

This just creates the AlertWindow object. You need to run the appropriate method to display it ==> w.runModalLoop()

can you please let me know how could i do this? i want to create custom dialog with three buttons? Otherwise I want to make the ActionSheet like iOS. how is it possible ?