Unable to start a Juce app as ChildProcess


My problem is probably a very stupid one but I’m unable to lauch a pure Juce application with Childprocess::start().
I’ve double checked the path and add no parameter.

I provide the start method with an absolute path (whose target is something like myApplication.app), invoke it and get TRUE as return value.
Should be okay but the child application doesn’t open.

Unfortunatly, debugging the thing is a pure mess due to the forking.

Have Mac-Jucer any hint ?

Okay, I’m not sure to be so stupid.
The trick is in the structure of Cocoa or Carbon applications : these are packed as a directory, so to lauch them you have to dig a little into.

For example, to start myApplication.app, I have to provide the Childprocess::start() with an argument which looks like :

I suppose it’s a common usage on Mac.