Unexpected DropShadows

I recently moved my project over to juce 1.13 from version 1.7

i’m using an image for the Rotery Knob but now in 1.13 the images i’ve been using have drop Shadows on them. its really messing up the look of my interface does anyone know why this would happen and how do i get rid of them.


OK this is very weird i got rid of the dropshadow by setting the componentEffect with setShadowProperties(0,0,0,0); but if i switch slider types say from Rotary to RotaryVerticalDrag the drop shadow reappears

is this a bug?

Sounds like you’re using the old look and feel - best thing to do, if you’ve not already figured it out, is to override the LookAndFeel::getSliderEffect method to return 0.

Ah that makes since i haven’t totally acclamated myself to the new version yet. I’ll give that a try.