Unexpected location permissions

I just released Spacecraft Granular Synth on Android


I just noticed that under permissions on the play console it’s including Location. I wasn’t expecting this and not sure why a JUCE app would need this permission. Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove this permission?

Are you using Bluetooth? that permission is required for BT for some reason…

Congrats on the release!

All the juicy deets are here Bluetooth overview  |  Android Developers

Bluetooth permissions

In order to use Bluetooth features in your application, you must declare two permissions. The first of these is BLUETOOTH . You need this permission to perform any Bluetooth communication, such as requesting a connection, accepting a connection, and transferring data.

The other permission that you must declare is ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION . Your app needs this permission because a Bluetooth scan can be used to gather information about the location of the user. This information may come from the user’s own devices, as well as Bluetooth beacons in use at locations such as shops and transit facilities.

Services running on Android 10 and higher cannot discover Bluetooth devices unless they have the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission. For more information on this requirement, see Access location in the background.

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Aha! Thanks for clearing this up, bluetooth it is then :slight_smile: