Unnecessary callbacks when plugin parameter is not changing

In the AAX wrapper, in setAudioProcessorParameter, there is a check whether the new value is actually different from the old value. In all other wrappers (VST, VST3, AU) this is not done. This leads, in Reaper at least, to a huge number of unnecessary sendValueChangedMessageToListeners when automation is enabled, because that host is also not doing said check (try to load a test plugin on a Reaper track and set at least one parameter to “Trim/Read” but leave the parameter automation curve entirely flat). I assume one could safely make that same check in the other wrappers, and only set a parameter to a different value (and make the necessary listener callbacks) when there’s actually a new value coming in?

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve made the requested change here:

Please try this out and let us know if you encounter any new issues.

Thanks, looking good!