Updating a LookupTable without blocking ProcessBlock

Please excuse the newbie question, I’m fairly new to this… I created a class that uses a Juce LookupTable to read wavetables. In order to update the wavetable I thought of the following approach:
Create 2 LookupTables A&B, reading from A while updating B, setting a switch, then read B and update A and so on. That should totally work, however I would love to avoid updating the LookupTable in the ProcessBlock.
Is it enough to add a Listener to the ComboBox object I’m using and update the table in the according parameterChanged function?
Or more general: Is the parameterChanged function running on a separate thread?

I guess I’m still a bit uncertain about when each callback is made and which one is running on which thread - I would totally embrace a tutorial on execution flow and threading :wink:


Next time I should spend more time with searching :man_shrugging:
Found my answer here:

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