USB camera and all operating systems

I love the Juce for generating code I can run for a UI on multiple platforms.

1) I need to capture pictures from a USB camera, pre-process them, and OCR them using Tesseract OCR.
I am currently using OpenCV for video capture.
I searched on the Juce forums and according to the posts, support for cameras seems to depend on the OS you use and I want to use multiple OSs. Is that still true, or are people just not posting now because it works.

2) Posts about OpenCV are old.  as far back as 2005.
    Is there a way the forum could be updated to show the date of searches or rank them by most recent.  I currently have to click on each post only to find out they are really old and using very old versions of Juce and Opencv and are most likely not relevant.

3) if I can't access the USB camera from Windows, Os X, Linux, Android, and IOS via Juce, can I include just a small portion of OpenCV to read from the camera and use Juce for the rest?  Would that work on all OSs?

One of the bigger features on our to-do list is "support cameras on all platforms, and update to newer camera SDKs".. Can't give you a date for it being done though, I'm afraid!

Good to know. Do you know which ones it currently works on?

I know it works on Windows, because i ran it.  I can test Android myself, but it would be helpful to know the status on Linux, Os X, and IOS.



OSX and Windows, I think. TBH I've no idea if it's even possible on Linux, but we'd like to get Android + iOS working.

Would it be possible for your team to start adding OS to the comments used to generate documentation.

It would be nice if I looked at a class like "CameraDevice" or "FileBrowser" and it lists Windows, Linux, Os X, IOS, and Andriod in either red or green depending on whether that class is supported.

I am also a bit disapointed in the Juce Library.  I haven't seen anything I like more and Juce is awesome, but I just emailed my manager at work a few days ago to get them to buy us a license so we don't have to distribute our source code, and I am finding out some features are only on some Operating systems.

I understand that there may be limitations on an OS where a feature can't work, but I would think if you are selling Juce as a single code base multi-platform development environment, it should be a fairly high priority to try to get each feature working on all supported OS's.  I'm going to look like an idiot if i now have to go another direction after i have been touting multiplatform using Juce in our 2 year planning meetings with the management this year.


Yes, we should keep track of things like that, it's just tricky to make sure that specific docs like that are kept up-to-date without it being automated. I'll make a note to see whether there's some trick we can do with doxygen that would help to automatically flag these things.

But TBH there are probably only a handful of areas where some OSes are not-yet-implemented.. offhand I can only think of video+camera support (which is probably the area which is the most patchy), and embedded web-browsers on linux and Android.. So if those are the particular areas you need urgently, that's unfortunate!