Use two vertical StretchableLayoutResizerBar

Excuse my English I speak Spanish.

How to use? two vertical StretchableLayoutResizerBar the form:


I wish ResizerBar1 resizer by components 1 and 2, keeping the component 3 unchanged.
With desire resizer ResizerBar2 components 2 and 3, and holding the component 1 without change.


That is almost exactly what I wanted to do… however there are a couple of problems I have found:

  1. You really don’t need ResizerBar2, since Component3 is not (suppose to be) moving… right?

  2. When you call layOutComponents: Component3 still moves even though the mix, max, and preferred sizes are all the same - and the bounds are static. This appears to be an issue in Juce and I have found no way around it yet.

Do you have any updates on this since you originally posted?

Thank you,

David A. Hoatson