User code and Juce code in separate VC projects?

I use VS, I never liked the shared code feature, class view is chaotic, quick search is slow, refactoring or replacing is scary, and many other issues .

I guess it’s not possible for me to modify the architecture without causing other problems, right? Any solution?

in any case I raise the question and the debate, is not it better that it were in separate projects?, nobody cares?. The reason why this must be mandatory must be very powerful, because I only see drawbacks.

I’m not sure what you mean by “separate projects”. How would you split up and reorganise the projects?

Project is understood as the parts of the VS solution. I currently have standalone, VST3 and Shared. but I would prefer the Shared project to be two other projects, JUCE library and modules, and my project.

I guess I could do it manually by splitting the shared project and linking their respective static libraries to Standalone/VST3, but I know I can’t modify anything without unlinking it to Projucer (and other problems that might arise)

I’ve edited the title to specify that I’m talking about Visual Studio builds, not the Projuce project.