User modules "Config:" macro type

just wondering, I discovered a while back the “Config:” system to create my own configuration parameter for the Projucer, which is super nice, but apparently it’s limited to “Enabled/Disabled” boolean type parameters.
I’ve looked into juce_Module.cpp and it looks hardcoded that way.
Do you think it would be possible to extend this feature to other types, like int, float, enum or even just String to start ? This way it would be way more powerful as a configuration system for modules.

If you give me pointers, I’d be happy to change it myself and do push a PR, but I’m kinda lost on what a ConfigFlag is able to output or not, it does not contain a “type” property but the ValueWithDefault holds a var, which can be typed so I guess there is a way to use this to find out what is the type of the parameter.
I was think about adding something like “@type int”, much like “@see …”

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Maybe duplicate of FR: Projucer & Module Format: Add support for more complex macro options?

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Yep, I looked for an existing topic but didn’t found one… thx !