Using a CMake target library within a user created module

I have a CMake Juce GUI app that I would like to unit test parts of (using Catch2). From what I have read in other posts, it seems one approach to this is create modules for code you wish to test and then link that module in both the executable (in this case the GUI app) and a juce console app which also links to Catch. That all makes sense. However, in this project, the code that needs to be tested relies on a static library that is itself a cmake target within the project (doesn’t use juce).

I’m afraid I don’t know much at all about creating Juce modules, let alone incorporating them with cmake. Am I right in thinking that modules can make use of external libraries (I’ve seen some that seem to do this)?

If they can, how do you incorporate them if they are build targets in the cmake project? From what I can see, juce_add_module will allow me to include a module as though it were an interface library. Would I need to link the static library target to the module interface target? And if so, how would I do that?

Any help really appreciated.