Using a custom font - do I have to bundle the .ttf font file, or can JUCE embed it?

I am thinking of using an LCD style font (like below) on my UI.
I’m trying to avoid bundling the .ttf font file. Does JUCE embed the font, or do I have to bundle it?

I guess I could create bitmaps of each character / number and do it that way , but that seems like extra work.


You can put the font in your BinaryData, then use Typeface::createSystemTypefaceFor to load it.

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Would that also mean that drop down menus use the font, not just on the UI ?

createSystemTypefaceFor gives you a typeface object. You can choose how/where to use that typeface. To use it n dropdown menus, you may need to override the relevant functions in your project’s LookAndFeel.

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